Therapy FAQ's

Can I bring my other children to the first visit or evaluation?

We would prefer that your child attend their first appointment/evaluation at the clinic without their siblings present.  We will need your undivided attention as we gather developmental history and try to get a clear picture of you child and your concerns for therapy.


I have a referral from my son’s doctor for a speech therapy evaluation.  Can I use my insurance?

We recommend that you call us at the clinic (949) 600-5437 to discuss your insurance carrier and if we are in-network or out of network with your company.  We can also call and verify your benefits so you have a better idea of your financial responsibility.


How long is a typical therapy session?

An evaluation typically lasts 1 hour.  Treatment sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, with the last 10 minutes allotted to go over your child’s progress and to review a home program with caregiver.


What types of therapy do you have at your clinic?

We have Occupational Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Infant Stimulation Therapy.


What ages do you treat?

We are a pediatric clinic and we typically treat children ages 0-14.  We have special cases which are on an individual basis.  If we can’t meet your child’s needs, we will be glad to make further recommendations.


My child is school-aged-is it possible for me to get and after school appointment?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that many of our children are school-aged or attend full time preschools, and their parents frequently request an appointment after school hours.  We will always try our best to accommodate your schedule.


Please Read- 2015 updates are here!

Insurance Info 2015  <--Click on this link for details.

We need a copy of your Insurance card on file. You can send a photo of the front and back of the card to

Cigna OT/ PT Pre-authorization requirements will be changing 1-1-2015.

Please ask your PCP for a New Rx for PT/OT/SP to aMAYZing Kids for 2015 for all Insurance billing.

$100 is due at time of service for current clients with Deductibles orfor those who Insurance information is unable to be verified prior to visits.

$100 deposit will be collected for New Clients/first appointment with our office.

$50 Records fee will be charged for not providing Insurance card/ID to our office.

Therapy rates will have a $15.00 increase effective 3/1/2015 

We are hiring!

aMAYZing Kids is growing at an incredible rate, and we are looking for local talented therapists to grow with us.  Click here to see current openings!

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